12 General Music Functions, Not Just For Entertainment

Music is a loyal friend in everyday life. You could say the function of music becomes an inseparable part of life. Even for some people music is one of the most important parts of life. It feels empty if just one day without listening to music.

Just look at each shopping center or hangout, every day definitely plays music to accompany your activities. In cafes, department stores, even public transportation, many people listen to music. Apart from that, some of you must have studied or worked while listening to music. One type of art can always be refreshing. Even music is touted as a universal language. But it turns out the function of music is more than just for entertainment you know.

Unwittingly, the notes that are arranged beautifully in music have a great effect on human life you know. This harmony of sound can be a medium to drive away anxiety or have a calming effect. To boost your spirits and make you more productive.

According to the philosopher Plato from Athens – Greece, that the function of music has a sufficient role in human life. In addition, he also alluded to, if the function of music has a strong enough influence in the political field. Music can be for strength, good or evil. Even mentioned the triumph or collapse of a country can be caused by the music.

Curious about other music functions? Well, here is summarized from various sources, Friday (11/16) some music functions in general.

Means of Expression

1. The function of music to express emotions

For someone, music can play a role as a medium to express their feelings or emotions. The researchers found that listening to music can improve a person’s emotions. They are more expressive and efficient in expressing their opinions.

2. The function of music as a means of communication

The next function of music is to play a role as a means of communication in social relations in society. Music is a universal language that is able to create peace, human solidarity, and can integrate differences. This will be able to support the creation of a communication medium among fellow human beings. Music has become a social language and communication medium in human life, even though they come from different nationalities. Music is a communication medium that can be more easily understood. Even if you don’t understand the language of the music you listen to. A concrete example that you can get from the function of music as communication. Media is that music can represent the feelings you want to convey to others. For example expressions of longing, love, disappointment, and so forth.

Good for Health

3. Reducing blood pressure

Reducing blood pressure is one of the functions of music. By listening to soft music every morning and night. People with high blood pressure can control themselves to reduce their blood pressure. According to research mentioned at the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans. Listening to classical music for 30 minutes and Celtic music every day can significantly reduce high blood pressure.

4. Make energy

Besides being able to hear the melodious sounds of your favorite musicians. Listening to music can help you increase energy instantly. To get this music function suitable music genres listen to pop or techno. Bass boom that stands out can make more energy. This type of music will make you more powerful and move faster. So, if you need extra energy instantly while working, there’s nothing wrong with listening to music.

Good for the Brain

5. Increase in concentration

The next function of music is as a suggestion to increase concentration. The researchers explain that each particular type of music can increase positive emotions. That can stimulate the brain to increase concentration. In a study conducted by Susan Hallam, professor of education and music psychology from the University of London. It was revealed that children who regularly listen to classical music experience increased concentration and listening skills.

6. Music function to improve IQ and learning process

A journal from Nature entitled “Musical and Spatial Task Performance” explains that Mozart’s musical function can make intelligence increase. According to the results of research from three researchers who experimented from the University of California. The United States also showed positive results.

In the experiment, they asked a group of students to listen. To classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 10 minutes. It turned out that the temporal-spatial ability of these students increased by 8-9 percent. Temporal spatial ability is the ability to recognize space, shape, and direction.

Music also makes me happy

7. Clarify the memory

Listening to music can actually clarify memory. Reporting from the University Health News, the nerves of the brain become more active when you listen to music. The electrical signals can simultaneously stimulate the relationship between the two sides of the brain. Namely the left and right brain and activate brain areas associated with emotional, cognitive, and memory processes. So, the function of music performed while studying is able to improve the cognitive function of the brain.

8. Increase dopamine production to be happy

Listening to your favorite music can actually increase the production of the hormone dopamine you know. This hormone plays a role in the pleasure center of the brain. With increasing levels of dopamine, your mood also improves. That’s why all kinds of bad mood symptoms that accompany. While studying or working can subside while you listen to music. So, the function of music can make people feel calm and happy.

Reducing Stress and Increasing Endurance

9. Reducing stress

Another function of music, in general, is that it can improve mood. According to scientists from the University of Missouri published in. The Journal of Positive Psychology revealed that improved mood and decreased stress levels were seen after 2 weeks. Of regular listening to music.

10. The function of music to increase endurance

A study at Brunel University, West London has shown that music can help increase endurance by 15 percent. Increase morale and energy efficiency by 1-2 percent.

And the Important Thing is to Unite the Nation
11. As a cultural symbol

In the life of society such as the Indonesian people who have a variety of cultural elements. The function of music has a significant role in realizing the traditional values of that culture. The reason is, in some traditional ceremonies using music as accompaniment.

12. As one of the nation’s unifying tools

The next function of music is as one unifying tool of the nation. This can be seen from each country that has the national anthem. The national anthem can represent the national spirit, aesthetic tastes, and culture of each country. The contents of the songs are essential to ignite the spirit of nationality for citizens. One example is Indonesia, which has an anthem called Indonesia Raya by Wage Rudolf Supratman.