Why I will be performing at the Meteor Festival

“War divides, Music Connects”


Thank you to all of the organisations asking that I do not take part at the Meteor Festival 2018. Although I totally respect the choice of some artists not to appear, I for my part do not think that this is the right way to protest against the government that is in place right now in Israel. And contrary to what is being argued by the boycott organisations, my appearance does not in any way imply my support for this government’s devastating actions. Quite the contrary. My heart and moral support go unreservedly to the Palestinian population.


However, it is important that this festival is the first of its kind in Israel. It is an open minded, left field, inclusive festival, at which a Palestinian group will be performing, and has some Palestinians – not many but again this is a rare and fragile situation – amongst its organisers.

Besides the unusually high degree of musical quality – in my books! – many of the acts from around the world are openly left wing and have a message of peace, love and unity.


More to the point, there are many Israeli who do not support their government and are utterly repelled by the bloody actions it carries out against the Palestinian population, nor do they agree with the officially pronounced state of apartheid. However, it is true that open dissent and opposition is not very strong in Israel. And IT NEEDS TO BE SUPPORTED. It will be crucially instrumental in building any solid peace process.


This festival is organised independently by people who are not out to make a quick commercial buck. I believe that they want to bring an energy to Israel that is other, more thoughtful, more interested in reason and consciousness rather than revenge and oblivion, concerned with the ideas of peace -which seems so far out of reach- and dare I say big open hearted LOVE! It may sound very fleur bleue, but this is a very courageous stance given the catastrophic situation and I want to bring whatever energy I can to this daring project.