88rising Steps to Break the Worldwide Music Industry

88rising Steps to Break the Worldwide Music Industry

The name 88rising is well known to music fans today. The startup that emerged in 2015 is a mass media company, artist management, record label, video production. This startup’s bold move has made a marketing company that is not yet 5 years old. Already able to exist in the international music industry.

Headquartered in New York City, the company founded by Sean Miyashiro and Jaeson Ma started from a simple wish. Namely bringing Asian musicians into a wider domain, especially from the hip-hop and R&B genres.

That wish finally came true. The video content produced by 88rising successfully catapulted new names. Such as Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, and Rich Brian and Niki who came from Indonesia to a wider audience. Not only that, but 88rising was also able to introduce their artists to international musicians. Such as A $ AP Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, Ghostface Killah which resulted in collaborations.

Their popularity does not stop on YouTube, musicians who take shelter in 88rising. Also regularly hold concerts and tours in the United States and Asia and release various compilation albums. The success achieved by Rich Brian and Niki finally made 88rising interested in finding more talents from Indonesia. This was manifested with a warm welcome by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF).

Collaboration with BEKRAF

According to the 2019 OPUS book, a projection book for the creative economy in 2019. The music sub-sector in Indonesia is experiencing a promising development. With a gross domestic production (GDP) growth of 7.59% and generating a GDP of IDR 4,426 billion in 2016. The OPUS 2019 book also stated that the United States is the main export destination market. For Indonesian creative economy products with a percentage of 30.24% in 2016.

Seeing this fact, BEKRAF also collaborated with 88rising to initiate the Indonesia Creative Incorporated (ICINC). A program whose aim was to find fresh talents in Indonesia. Who would be trained by 88rising, are prepared to compete in the international arena.

“We are very proud of Rich Brian who has successfully represented Indonesia’s young talents to the world. He is young but very talented and capable of creating high-quality works of art. He is an artist changing the direction of history and has always represented Indonesia in doing so. We also believe that the combination of our talents and understanding of the global market. Contributes to the success of our artists, ”Sean explained as quoted by a press release.

The success of 88rising cannot be separated from the cold hand of Sean Miyashiro. 88rising is able to capture world music lovers by uploading videos on the YouTube channel. Here are the facts about 88rising.

1. Not Just a Recording Company

Who would have thought that 88rising was not a record company? In fact, the New York-based company was originally an entertainment media.

“The record company is not a core part of our business. But part of 88rising,” Miyashiro said as quoted from the Wikipedia page.

This method allows 88rising to gain income not only from recorded music. This is because the artist is not only introduced to his musical work. However, other aspects of their life also turn out to be liked by the market. And 88rising got creative with it.

2. Using Technology to Find the Stars

This Japanese-Korean man uses the internet to find new talents and uses it to raise their name.

The company, formerly known as CXSHXNLY, initially raised a rapper from South Korea, Keith Ape. From there they collaborated with other YouTube stars, such as Rich Brian, Joji, Niki, and a series of 88rising artists.

This strategy has actually succeeded in attracting the attention of YouTube viewers. Rich Brian’s video for the song ‘Like That’. Which was uploaded on the 88rising page, they won 65 million views. 88Rising is also very active on the internet, including social media

3. Dare to Break International Musician Standards

One of the most amazing things about 88rising’s success is their courage to break the tradition.

This is because musicians who can be recognized by the world are those from superpowers. However, this time 88Rising dared to “sell” Asian musicians to Western markets.

In fact, the issue of racism is still very strong in western countries. Especially in the world of rappers. However, Sean Miyashiro proved that even Asian musicians can become kings in the world music industry

And now, 88rising’s success is undeniable. Courage in doing business. Proven by being different among competitors, is in fact a smart way to penetrate the world market. Interested in following Sean Miyashiro’s steps?