Rarely Known, These 7 Benefits of Listening to Music for Health

Simply put, music is a result of processing melody, sound, rhythm, vocals, harmony, and tempo. Music can be produced by several instruments such as violin, guitar, drum, piano, keyboard, and others.

Meanwhile, the understanding of music, in general, is a sound that has been arranged. In such a way that it contains rhythm, song, tone, and also harmony. Especially from the sound that comes from instruments. That can produce rhythm (musical instruments).

Music History

Music was known long before the Middle Ages. Where in the Bible, it is told that in ancient times music had been used. Used to praise God known as Church Music. The development of music stems from habits. And the culture of ancient people who use music for ceremonies or rituals.

Based on a limited number, music began to develop among the Jews, Romans, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Asians, Persians, Indians, and also Greeks. Among others, music in the Greek era was the best and most famous. The music then spread throughout Europe and continues to experience development. Then, instrumental music emerged which developed rapidly. After there was an improvement in musical instruments such as violin and cello.

Listening to music may have become a daily activity for some people. Especially young people. But some people still think music is just a form of art that is used for fun.

Though music can provide health benefits to the human body and soul. As a universal language, music can have a positive effect on the body. Both physically and mentally.

Music has various health benefits. Not just entertainment. By listening to music, your body can relax and feel happier. So do not underestimate the power of music. Because listening is beneficial for physical health and mind.

Next, laetitiasadier.net summarizes from various sources, Wednesday (3/7/2019). About the benefits of listening to music for health

Relieves Stress and Affects Brain Waves

  • Relieve Stress

The benefits of listening to music first are to reduce stress and improve mood. If you listen to music every afternoon or when you work on the line. Psychological conditions become better. Based on research at the University of Gothenburg. Listening to music you like every day can reduce stress levels.

In addition, listening to your favorite music will help you to be calmer. And can also help improve mood. You are calmer and less disturbing stress can be reduced. Music can divert your energy from anger to happiness with the help of different genres. Try listening to music, which makes your mood more beautiful.

  • Affects Brain Waves

According to a medical study, music produces sound vibrations that can stimulate your brain waves. This depends on the vibration in the music. His speed will affect your vigilance.

In fact, based on a survey conducted in 2001, people who often listen to music have sharper brains. Research from the University of Kansas Medical Center found that people who are related to music. Such as studying music and accustomed to listening to music. Have a more youthful brain compared to people who don’t like music.

Relieve Pain and Protect Hearing

  • Relieves Pain

In addition, research at the University of Utah Pain Research Center reveals that. By listening to music can help participants to reduce pain and pain. This is called diversion, music is suspected to make participants forget their physical pain.

  • Protect Hearing

The next benefit of listening to music is being able to protect hearing. Maybe all this time you know that listening to music at a loud volume can damage hearing.

But a 2001 study published in the Washington Post revealed. That people who often play music during their lives have better listening skills.

Just like when someone exercises their muscles. So does hearing that is trained to listen to music. But of course, you have to be careful. Don’t listen to music in a loud volume. Especially when using headphones.

Good for the Heart and Strengthen Memory

  • Good for Heart Health

The benefits of listening to music hereafter are good for heart health. University of Maryland Medical Center researchers found a link between a healthy heart. And music listening habits.

Research reveals that people who listen to cheerful music have a smoother blood flow of up to 26 percent. But if they listen to sad music. Their blood flow will decrease by six percent.

  • Strengthen Memory

Based on research from Hong Kong. Music can be used to improve children’s brain abilities. Participants who took music classes were known to have better grades on memory tests. Than participants who did not listen to music.

  • Gives Soothing Effects

Listening to music can help you be calmer. No wonder this therapeutic method is widely used by hospitals. Music can also help you relax more. So that it gives a calming effect.

According to research published in the journal Depression and Anxiety. Music therapy has the same calming effect as massage therapy. Researchers found that participants who had massage therapy for more than 12 weeks. They had the same stress levels as people who listened to music.