Recognize the Benefits of Listening to Music for Extraordinary Health

Music. Why so? Because, the benefits of listening to music for overall brain and body health, is huge.

Music is considered to be able to help relieve stress, make us feel more energized, and can even help relieve pain. Who would have thought, maintaining health can be done in a way that is so fun?
The benefits of listening to music that is a shame if passed

From mental to physical health, here is a more complete explanation of the benefits of listening to music for our bodies.

1. Help relieve stress

You may often experience, when under stress then listen to a favorite song, the mind then gradually becomes calmer. This is not a coincidence and there is a scientific explanation behind it. Listening to music apparently can reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible in response to stress.

Music can also influence physiological activities in the body, such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Music with a slow tempo is considered to reduce the number of heartbeats, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Meanwhile, music with a fast tempo has the opposite effect.

2. Relieve anxiety disorders

For people who have a history of experiencing mild to severe anxiety disorders. Listening to music can make it more relaxed. Because music can be a good diversion.

The benefits of listening to music this one is also felt by cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. With music, patients will feel calmer, so that communication with the people closest to them during treatment can be smoother. Music can also increase comfort, during cancer treatment, by making the treatment atmosphere better.

3. Improve cognitive abilities

Listening to music and playing musical instruments is closely related to the improvement of one’s cognitive and intellectual functions. So, when you are working on something cognitive like writing or reading. It doesn’t hurt to do it while listening to music.

4. Good for diets

The benefits of listening to music on this one are unexpected. Diet and music can be related because through listening to music with a slow tempo and dim lighting. You will feel more relaxed. So, you will eat more slowly and quickly realize the feeling of fullness.

5. Can relieve pain

Although the relationship between music and pain relief is not yet clear. Experts believe this has something to do with the production of opioids in the brain. Opioids are a component in the brain that can act as natural pain relievers.

6. Improve memory

For some people, learning while listening to music can make it easier to remember the subject of the lesson. Of course, this depends on the type of music and tastes of each person.

7. Sleep more soundly

Therapy using music is considered effective to relieve sleep disorders such as insomnia. Listening to classical music that is relaxed, can make sleep more soundly.

8. Improve mood

Be it classical music, dangdut, or pop, listening to favorite songs, is proven to improve bad moods. Because listening to favorite music will trigger the release of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a chemical component that causes pleasure and happiness.

9. Help reduce symptoms of depression

For people with depression, listening to classical music and music used for meditation can have a good effect on mood. Meanwhile, types of music such as metal and techno, are not effective in relieving depression symptoms.

10. Increase stamina

Exercising while listening to music will make you more enthusiastic and stamina. When running, for example, choose music that you can follow to beat rhythm. In addition to running you will become faster, stamina is also good. So, you can exercise longer.