Singing Hobby? This is How to Go International

One of the greatest dreams of a musician is to be able to bring his music to the international scene. However, this desire is not easily realized. Because Indonesian musicians must be able to compete with hundreds or even thousands of musicians throughout the world.

Not to mention the difference in music tastes in Indonesia. Abroad which increasingly makes it difficult for musicians in the country to penetrate the international market. The names of musicians such as Agnes Monica, Anggun, and Rich Bryan have successfully gone international.

They succeeded because the music they gave was accepted by the world community. Then, what are some tips to be able to go international? See below, as quoted from

1. Be Authentic!

Being yourself is the key that will bring someone to achieve success, including in the music world. Create an original work that characterizes your music.

Never copy someone else’s work if you don’t want to be labeled as plagiarism. Creating something original is not easy.

However, you can make observations to find out the tastes of music that are loved by the public. Also determine the age target of the music you introduce to facilitate the branding and marketing process.

2. Preparing English Song Lyrics

Song lyrics are no less important because English is the universal language used throughout the world. Indonesian musicians need to prepare song lyrics in English. So that the world community knows the meaning of the song being sung.

The use of words in song lyrics also needs attention. Don’t sound too rigid so the song is more pleasant to hear.

Indonesian musicians must pay attention to the use of proper grammar to convey the essence of the song. Avoid using the wrong grammar or grammar so that the song is not misinterpreted by people abroad.

3. Adjust to Western Music Genres

The genre or type of western music is very varied. There are genres of pop, R&B, and so on. Indonesian musicians must be able to adapt to the genre of music. They want to be performed with the type of music that exists abroad.

To determine whether the music genre is suitable, first determine the target market. If the target market is young people under the age of 30 years, the genre of pop music and R&B can be considered.

In matters of genre, Indonesian musicians can add traditional musical instruments to the country. But on condition. The combination of modern and traditional music must be fused so as not to sound strange to the ear.

4. Collaboration with Foreign Musicians

So that the music that is delivered is increasingly known by the wider community. Indonesian musicians need to collaborate with foreign musicians.

For example the collaboration between Agnes Monica and Chris Brown in his latest music. Which a few months ago had become a trending topic on social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube.

Collaboration brings many benefits to a musician. Besides being more well-known, the musician has the opportunity to perform at international music performances. Such as the American Music Awards.

5. Having Good Branding

Even good music seems difficult to be recognized by the public if it is not accompanied by proper branding. Indonesian musicians have the right to penetrate the international scene because it has a distinctive musical taste.

In addition, the visual content is also very high quality. Chris Brown himself acknowledged this in the Overdose video clip released by Agnes Monica some time ago.

In doing branding, a musician does not need to boast in many media to introduce his latest music. It is enough to choose one or two big media so that the music does not seem marketable and cheap. So that people are increasingly curious about the music that is released.

6. Prepare sufficient capital

Releasing a song costs a lot of money because musicians have to pay editors, directors, and video clip models. Therefore, a musician must think of the concept of music. That will be released in detail so that the process of shooting does not spend much time and money.

To save money, musicians can ask for sponsorship. However, seeking sponsorship becomes homework for a musician because the system is quite complicated.

If you don’t want to be complicated. You should fund your music with your own capital so the results can also be enjoyed on your own.

Gather Courage and Penetrate Foreign Markets

Of course, the difficulties faced to penetrate international markets are twice as difficult as local markets. But with hard work, effort, persistence, and a few tips, the desire to go international is not impossible.

Introduce music to the wider community with courage and confidence. Music matters accepted or not it becomes point number two, as long as you try to do your best.