The Process of Recording Songs in Recording Studio

Process of Recording Music in Studio

So, this time I will discuss how to record when in the studio !!
There are so many questions that arise from band members, how is the recording process?

Now I will discuss what the recording process looks like. So that you can get an idea of ​​what the recording process looks like.

The question is that many people think that the song record is similar to. When you practice in the studio and immediately recorded !!! I don’t think so when the process of recording a song is not like we practice in the studio. Note that the recording of the musical instruments has to be done one by one, not all at once.

Things that you have to prepare for the process of recording a song:

Must Be Ready With the Song Material

So, for those of you who want to enter the song recording, you must be ready with the song material. Why so? Can’t you keep looking in the studio? Don’t do it like that, you have to record dirty first on your cellphone. So you won’t take a lot of time when recording songs. And you also get into the same rhythm with the metronome when playing music. Furthermore, it is to speed up the song recording process. The problem is that I have never practiced using the metronome. The metronome is very useful when recording songs, otherwise, you will lose the tempo while recording. So our song will not run well, initially slow, the middle is fast. It is a strong reason why a metronome is important in the song recording. The metronome is a very useful medium to help you practice your music, it’s advice from me.

There are two categories of records:

  • Recording studio
  • Live recording

Recording studio

Maybe you will ask, why the songs we hear from CDs, tapes, Mp3 will sound clean with no other sparks? Yes, because the recording process is done one by one the musical instruments will record. This means suppose we have our own band, want to record and want quality like a labeled band.

In this process, first, we have to make a guide record, and the metronome tool will be used. What is a metronome? The metronome is an accompaniment or beat. A medium that precisely determining the goal of the drum. So that the tempo is not shifted. The recordings with this metronome will later serve as an indication of the tempo of the song. And the drummer is recorded with the guide/metronome earlier.

Live recording

A live recording is with all personnel or all musical instruments played that cannot be edited. And other sounds may enter and produce sound leaks. In general, the results obtained will be difficult to produce a clean sound from the recording. The recording process is not much different from when we practiced the band in the studio and recorded it.


Now the personnel will enter one by one in the studio. In turn to record their respective musical instruments without anyone except the recording operator.
Straight to …

1. Take Guitar

When the recording starts, the recording can be played back and forth continuously. If there is a mistake it can be repeated from the time he made a mistake while playing his instrument.

2. Take Drummer

The second take is recorded by the drummer personnel. After completion of the recording, it can be played back and if there is an error it can be repeated.

3. Take Base

The 3rd take is recorded by base personnel. This process is still the same, if there is an error it can be repeated again.

4. Take Melody

The 4th take is a melody, this melody is the same as a vocal. The sound of the melody is also like singing. The melody is based on to beautify the music of the song.

5. Take Vocals

The 5th take is the vocalist, usually, the vocalist is the last member to enter the studio. Vocals will be recorded when all-important musical instruments have been added.

Mixing and Mastering

After all the take process is complete. Then we continue naming the mixing process. Or combining all the musical instruments to become a song.

The music is still raw, there is the last process to do. At this mixing stage. The music sounds good or balanced if the mixing process done well. The last stage is the mastering process. The mastering process so that the audio/music results are good and enjoyable for us to listen to. This process adjusts all musical instruments along with their vocals. To get the same volume or tone between other instruments and their vocals.

After mixing and mastering. The music has labels such as .mp3 and .wav. This .wav music is specifically for inserting into a cassette/CD/VCD for printing. And only then can we hear it well and clearly.

This is all I can describe, hopefully, it will be useful for everyone.
Note: Make your own work, it will look beautiful and comfortable for yourself and others.