World Music Day, Music Vaccine for Listeners

Music is one type of art that combines rhythm and sound so that anyone can hear it. Because it has exotic values. ​And is able to touch feelings.

Anyone knows music and anyone definitely likes music. Almost all humans make music as their life partner. In carrying out activities. The mind and heart must be fresh so as not to rage. Often, we are frustrated at things, in our opinion. There is no solution, solutions. And shortcuts if we have ever played “rumble racing” ps1 in the past. Unique indeed, the goal is that we can win quickly.

Is it bad?

Once again, that’s very bad. Everything is not about winning or losing. But about us who are willing to enjoy everything that exists and accept what we are. That is a success. So, I emphasize to start using music as your complete attribute when or wherever you are.

According to the Daya Sehat Sejahtera Team that listening to music can calm the mood and mind. In addition, music can also help alleviate activities and reduce mental stress. Generally, everyone has a different taste in music, right? That’s why there are several genres in music. Such as; pop, jazz, dangdut koplo, classical, and so on.

Indonesia certainly has a national music day, which is March 9, then what about abroad?

Precisely June 21 is World Music Day or World Music Day. The French state is the first to celebrate this and spread to other countries such as Argentina. New York, Germany, to England. According to history, the world music day was coined by one of the famous American musicians in 1976, Joel Cohen.

He suggested that musicians could hold their shows every night in the spring. The idea was not granted by Culture Minister Jack Lang. Because the music festival was still very rarely displayed at that time. So that the world music day was inaugurated on June 21, 1981. The music festival began to be held the following year 1982.

After reviewing a little history about the world music day, about what we can get from listening to music?

In practice, please note that music or listening to music is different. Music means we play a musical instrument so that it forms a tone. Or rhythm that produces a distinctive and beautiful sound. For example; playing guitar, piano, and drum, as Javanese ketipung.

While listening to music, we become objects of music that have been made. As a result, we can feel or describe a phenomenon. Or event through lyrics that are wrapped with the rhythm of the music. Generally, some people spend their time playing music or listening to music. Such as; when working in an office, doing work, hanging out in a stall, while in a car, and so on. In essence, we can listen to music wherever we are. Immediately, Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from music or listening to music.

1) First

Calm the mood, For those who are often upset because of being dumped by a boyfriend. Or doing heavy tasks from the lecturer. You can calm yourself through music. There are many music choices, of course, depending on you. Most important, you can feel calm. No longer sad like people who are mocked by their feelings. No longer whine for reasons that do not make sense. Whatever is done calmly, everything will produce a positive value, right?

2) Secondly

Keeping the brain healthy, there is a need for refreshing after we overtime with a myriad of work. That takes up the mind. Keeping the brain healthy means maintaining physical and spiritual fitness. Moreover, those of us who are only “at home” for months due to the COVID 19 pandemic certainly experience stress. Boredom and not in the mood.

It would be nice, we spend time doing positive activities accompanied by your favorite music. Who knows the formulas that are often confused, rummaging through our brains can quickly disappear. Philosophers, such as Plato, assert “no matter whether young or old. Healthy or sick, happy or sad. Music can improve your quality of life in many ways”.

3) Third

Improve performance, tired, tired at work is a natural thing. Instead, those who work roughly often experience pain or rheumatic symptoms. Of course, the next day can reduce the enthusiasm of work, tend to be lazy. Get tired, and the work is not optimal. this is because basically humans have weak points. Namely physical or psychological weaknesses.

Physical weakness associated with conditions, situations. And activities produced by the body. Meanwhile, psychology is the condition of one’s feelings. And mental states that are produced by mind hormones. Not infrequently, many of the workers feel bored and that is all. Therefore it is necessary to have a tool as an entertainer for those who work, one of them with music.

Witha Anjar Prawidhana in his research showed that to maximize productive results. And increase synergy in having to have supporting tools, namely music. So that they are not easily bored, tired, and tired.

4) Fourth

Meningkatkan kemampuan kognitif. Bagi sebagian orang mendengarkan musik atau memainkan alat musik, berkaitan erat dengan meningkatnya fungsi kognitif dan intelektual seseorang. Sehingga, ketika kita beraktivitas yang bersifat kognitif seperti membaca. Menulis dan lain sebagainya, tidak ada salahnya kita melakukanya sambil mendengarkan musik.

5) Fifth

Improve memory, some people often forget something that is troublesome and confusing. For example, high school friends, social studies courses, told to work on mathematical formulas. Automatically their brains and minds become chaotic. Our sensation, which is generally in the social, political. And the economic world is confronted with even more subtle formulas. Instead, they remember, the opportunity to forget is even more open.

Therefore, there is a need for a date. But not a boyfriend, but listening to music. According to some students, listening to music while learning turns out to affect our ability to remember subjects, or whatever. What are you waiting for? Let’s choose your favorite music. So that your life will be great.